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Everything you need to know about your Blue Medicare Advantage Plan can be found in the documents below. View them online, print from here, or request hard copies—we’ll mail them to you.


2023 Plan Resources

Member Handbook

Helps you take advantage of the many benefits and services available to you.

Summary of Benefits

An easy to reference view of your Blue Medicare Advantage benefits.

Evidence of Coverage

Details for everything the plan covers and your cost-sharing.


A list of prescription drugs covered by your Part D benefit.

Important 2023 Benefit Information

Important changes to your plan that will become effective 4/1/2023 and 7/1/2023

Blue Medicare Advantage PPO Plan Provider & Pharmacy Directory

View program description, 2023 benefits summary and FAQs.

Annual Notice of Change

Outlining any changes to costs, benefits and more.

Info Kit

Outlining any changes to costs, benefits and more.