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2 min. read

Dec 13, 2022

Blue KC

It’s Healthy to Have a PCP

2 min. read

Dec 13, 2022 Blue KC

A primary care provider (PCP) will get to know you – and your medical history – inside and out. PCPs are trained to attend to your overall wellness, manage chronic illnesses, and keep you on track with screenings that can help detect or prevent serious conditions. 

Your PCP can be a physician, nurse practitioner or a physician assistant. There are a lot of positives to having a trusted health partner. 

+ Proactive, preventive care 

Having regular check-ups and an annual physical with your PCP can identify health concerns and chronic illnesses earlier. Early detection is the key to treating, managing, and sometimes curing many diseases, disorders, cancers, and other serious health problems. 

+ Better management and control of chronic health conditions 

 Living with a persistent health problem can be a real challenge, and can lead to decreased quality of life due to chronic conditions. A PCP will help you manage conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, or arthritis – which can improve your overall quality of life. 

+ Referrals to other medical specialists 

If a health problem develops that is beyond the scope of what your primary physician treats, he or she can refer you to the right specialist for your personal health needs. This can help you access the best care available. 

+ Continuity of Care 

If and when you receive care from specialists, your PCP will help you coordinate treatments, analyze medical records, and identify any conflicting treatment plans or medications that other specialists may not be aware of. 

+ Lower overall healthcare costs 

Maintaining your good health is the best way to avoid bigger and more costly healthcare issues. Regular visits to your PCP will cost far less than visits to the emergency room or unnecessary hospital admissions. 

+ Better patient-provider communication 

Your care is in the hands of someone who listens to you, and who you know and trust. Having a solid relationship with a PCP allows for openness, honesty and a deeper level of understanding between physician and patient. It’s healthy for all members to have a PCP If you’re an HMO member, then your Blue Medicare Advantage plan requires you to choose a PCP. While PPO members aren’t required to have a PCP, having one in your life is invaluable. So don’t miss out! 


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